The beloved grandson of Ala Hazrat & Ustad e Zaman Hazrat Mawlana Muhammad Kaif Raza Qadri (may his shadow be prolonged) is a man of excellence; the blessings that come from his relations with his ancestors play a great role in him. He is the youngest son of Nabira e Ala Hazrat wa Ustad e Zaman Muhammad Shuaib Raza Qadri . He remains active in both religious and national issues.

His Birth & Name

He was born on the 17th of Ramadan Al Kareem, 1420 AH (1999 AD) in Mahallah Shahgarh Baheri Bareilly. This was the fifth birth of the family of Shuaib e Millat, so the relatives were extremely happy. After the birth, Taj al-Sharī`ah Allamah Akhtar Razā named the newborn ‘Muhammad’ but agreed on calling him ‘Kaif Raza Khan’.

His lineage is as followed: Muhammad Kaif Raza Khan, the son of Shuaib e Millat, the son of Uvais e Millat, the son of Murtaza Raza Khan, the grandson of the Brother of Ala Hazrat Ustad e Zaman Allama Mawlana Hasan Raza Barelvi.(may there be mercy and favor upon them).

Amongst the family of Ala Hazrat, the one who benefited most from his relation to his ancestors is his (Muhammad Kaif Raza Qadri) father, Nabira e Ala Hazrat wa Ustad e Zaman Muhammad Shuaib Raza Qadri. After him it is, he, Huzur Kaif e Millat `Muhammad Kaif Razā Khan Qadri who benefited the most due to his lineage from his mother being through leading to Mujaddid e Islam Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadri, Muhaddith e Bareillvi. This connection is a great honor.

The reason this relation is so honorable is that the beloved grandson of Ala Hazrat & Ustad e Zaman, Huzur Mawlana Kaif Raza Khan’s (may his shadow be prolonged) predecessor is Qutb e Waqt Mawlana Raza Ali Khan (may mercy be upon him). He was very well-known in the sciences of Fiqh and Tasawwuf. The Qutb e Waqt was a person of countless qualities such as his pertinent speech, immediate ‘salam’, piety, contentment, clemency, humility, abstraction, and uniqueness. He is the biological grandfather of Mujaddid e Islam, Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadri (Allah is pleased with him).

The exegesis by the Mufassirun (tafsir experts) on the ayah “وكان أبوهما صالحا” (and their father was a righteous individual) of surah al-Kahf states that the father’s name was ‘Kashih’ and he was a pious individual. Hazrat Muhammad bin Munkadir (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) states, “through the good deed of an individual, Allah protects his offspring, then their offspring, then their offspring, the individual’s family and his neighbors” (Tafsir al-Khazin, al-Kahf, Ayah 82, 3/221). Scholars say that the individual was the eighth or tenth great-grandfather of the children (Fatawa Razawiyah, 23/240). Referring to this exegesis, Ala Hazrat states, “There have only been four generations between Qutb e Zaman `Allamah Raza `Alī Khan and this Faqīr (Ahmad Raza)”. What Ala Hazrat is pointing out here is that if the blessings of a righteous individual of Banu Isra’īl ran for ten generations, imagine how far the blessings of a righteous individual of the Muhammadan nation (Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam) go. Huzur Kaif e Millat Mawlana Kaif Raza Khan Qadri is only the seventh descendant of his great-grandfather, Qutb e Zaman Allamah Raza Alī Khan.

During his infancy, Uvais e Millat Nabira e Ala Hazrat wa Ustad e Zaman Muhammad Uvais Raza Khan Qadri (Allah is pleased with him) received special spiritual blessings from Huzur Taj al-Sharī`ah Muftī Muhammad Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri Azhari (may mercy be upon him) . In the same manner, Huzur Uvais e Millat (Allah is pleased with him) transferred these blessings to Huzur Kaif e Millat while he was an infant.

Work & Interest

In The Field Of Naat Khwaani, Great Grandson Of A'ala Hazrat & Ustade Zaman Mohammad Kaif Raza Khan Qadri Are Rising To Prominence. Their own written and recited Naat and Manqbat in their own voices are trending on many social media and leading music platforms as well. The Great grandson of A'ala Hazrat & Ustad e Zaman Muhammad Kaif Raza Qadri is well-known author who have written many Naat and Manqbat.

On the blessed occasion of 102nd Urs-e-Razvi 2020, Muhammad Kaif Raza Khan Qadri recite the Kalam written by his great-grandfather Ustad-e-Zaman Allama Hasan Raza Khan Barelvi in ​​the presence of Sajjada Nasheen Dargah e Ala Hazrat Mufti Ahsan Raza Khan Sahab from the stage of Urs e Razvi, Islamia Ground Bareilly Sharif and Listened and liked by millions of followers of Ala Hazrat around the world by live broadcast.

Since he was child, Hazrat Mohammad Kaif Raza Khan Sahab has been enamoured with poetry. He has written a number of well-known Kalams in praise of various Sunni Muslims scholar's, as well as Manakbat in praise of Sunni elders, which he also includes in his Kalam. He retains his "Kaif" takhallus. Because there are Alahazrat believers in every nation, Muhammad Kaif Raza Khan Saheb's Kalam is read and heard around the world, and it is favoured by the Alahazrat community everywhere.